Class Format

LEVEL I : Fundamentals**


Week 1 - 



Moving Meditation


Hand Floreo

4 Basic Fast Steps (Egyptian, Pivot Bump, Arabic, Shimmy)


Week 2  


Arm Undulations

Egyptian Step

Formations for leading and following: DUET

NOTE: you will need finger cymbals for week 3


Week 3 


Finger Cymbals (zills)
Review formations with all steps


Week 4 


Body Wave

Arabic Step

Formations: TRIO


Week 5 


Ribcage Rotation

Pivot Bump/Choo Choo w/Arm 1 and arm 2

Review formations with all steps


Week 6 


Circle Step

Shimmy Step

Formations: QUARTET



**Most students repeat Level I at least twice before moving into Level II. You are welcome to move into Level II after only Level I session, but since Level I is a six-week class, there is time to repeat it before the next opportunity to join Level II anyway! :)


When you are ready to join Level II, if you are able, your most successful option would be to repeat Level I at the same time as moving into Level II. That way, you are taking two hours of dance back to back. You are able to learn more from Level I that you didn't catch the first couple times and you can really delve deeper into the material presented.  

LEVEL II: Tribal Combinations**


Week 1 


Review Level I

Walking Taxeem & Walking Body wave

Reverse Turn

Drill Formations


Week 2


Turkish Shimmy with 1/4 turn & 1/2 turn

Review/drill formations


Week 3 


Reach & Sit


Review/drill formations


Week 4 


Propeller Turn

Corkscrew Turn

Arc Arms

Review/drill formations/chorus


Week 5 


Arabic Hip Twist & 1/2 Turn

Review/drill formations/chorus


Week 6 

Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop

Torso Twist

​Review/drill formations/chorus


Week 7 


Single Bump and 1/2 Turn

Review/drill formations/chorus


Week 8 

Camel Walk

Double Bump

​Reivew/drill formations/chorus


Week 9 


Up 2 Down 3 

Military Zill Pattern

​Review/drill formations/chorus


Week 10 


Arabic Shimmy

Arabic Shimmy with Arms & Turn (ASWAAT)

​Review/drill formations/chorus


Week 11 


Ghawazee Shimmy Combo

​Review/drill formations/chorus


Week 12 


Reverse Taxeem

Head Slides

​Review/drill formations/chorus




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