ATS® Belly Dance



Level I- Next 6-week series begins Monday, January 11, @ 7:30 PM


Level II- Next 12-week series begins Monday, January 11, @ 8:30 PM



Open Space Alaska- 630 E. 57th Place




Fundamentals Level I- In this 6 week course, learn to dance by drilling the basics in fun combinations. Using both slow movements and fast steps we’ll get you dancing in your first class. All basic movements and group formations including posture and body awareness, zils and music. Finger Cymbals (zils) are required for week 3.

**You may join this series at any time during the course at the drop-in rate.  There is enough reivew built in to each week to keep you moving.  


​​Intermediate Level II- In this 12 week course,refine individual technique by drilling the basics and their variations creatively. We will also build on our ATS® slow and fast movement vocabulary. To take this class you must understand partner and group dancing (level one, above). *This class is the next step after fundamentals

​Advanced Level III- This class is not taught in cycle format. Please check with the teacher about your skill level before joining this class. We will continue to build on our tribal vocabulary using the full range of movements. Included will be drills focused on technique for intermediate and advanced steps, as well as stage presence, presentations, etiquette, and group dynamics. You must have experience in Dance Fundamentals and Tribal Combinations. $15 or 10 class card $120


Performance Prep Level IV- This class is not taught in cycle format and is by invite only.  This class prepares the advanced dancer for the stage by setting up moch performance sets each week with varying music and common stage situations. $15 or 10 class card $120 


Donation Class- Currently On Hold Until January
 Join Carrie for a mid-day tribal belly dance FLOW class. This is a follow along class with no verbal instruction and perfect for all levels. Beginner to Advanced, you'll be challenged and have fun. This is a great mid-day boost with enough time to get back to your work place refreshed and happy! Drop-In and Bliss Out!



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