​Amy Locke
Dance has been an essential part of my life since childhood, and I have studied many forms of dance including tap, jazz, acrobatics and ballet.  My background also includes gymnastics and martial arts.  I enjoy the unique format of American Tribal Style and the way it challenges the mind and the body.  Speaking the language of ATS® with my fellow dancers provides a joyful experience that I hope to share with the audience; it encapsulates power, strength, grace, beauty, sensuality, femininity AND teamwork...a winning combination!

​Linda Gow


Linda’s love of dance was instilled in her from childhood, after her mother enrolled her in a dance class at the age of 6, along with her best friend. She spent the next eight years studying tap, ballet, and jazz, and credits this firm foundation for giving her the confidence to reenter the world of dance in 2007, when, after realizing she had become quite the couch potato, she thought belly dance might be a fun way to incorporate more activity into her daily life. It turns out it was. After spending several years studying various styles within the genre, and looking to expand her Middle Eastern dance vocabulary, she enrolled in her first ATS© class in December of 2009. Looking back to her earliest dance experience, dancing with her friend, Linda finds the camaraderie of ATS© is what keeps her smiling both inside and out.


​Bridget McCleskey
Bridget’s ATS® background ironically began with Carrie several years ago.  However, unlike Carrie, Bridget took a break and danced intermittently under different instructors and forms of dance.  This break only served to show how much she missed ATS and the sisterhood connected with it.  Since coming back to ATS® Bridget has completed the 2009 General Skills Certification from Carolena Nericcio and has been dancing under Carrie’s tutelage ever since.  Bridget’s wish is to find the time to mix the creativity and passion of dance with her creativity and passion of sewing.  She believes it to be a perfect union.

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