Learning Tools

for success with your at home practice


Whether you prefer to dance along, read a book, or pause and rewind, FCBD® has provided a variety of options to assist in your at home practice.  These tools along with regular class attendance will help set you up for success in ATS®.



Instructional DVDs

Every move at your finger tips, finger cymbal instruction, formations, and transitions...


DVDs from FCBD

Digital Downloads


Instructional Book 
Follow along videos

Dance with FatChance® in your living room for FREE.


Level 1- Videos #3,7,8

Level 2- Video #1

Levels 2/3- Videos #2,11

Level 3- Videos #4,5,6,9,10

Level 4- Video #12



Instruction at your finger tips with full color images and visual breakdowns.  Get the book or digital download.


Paperback Book


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