Meet the members of
Gypsy Horizon

Carrie Jenkins​
Carrie is the founder and former director of Gypsy Horizon Belly Dance. She 
is a certified ATS® Belly Dance instructor. Since her beginnings in Tribal Style she has been fascinated and dedicated to the structure, connectivity, and sense of community among a group of women dancing together as one. Her style of teaching offers discipline in an art form that fuses the science of anatomy and the beauty of classical art.

Since 2007, she has earned five General Skills Training Certifications, three Teacher I Certifications, and two Teacher II Certifications from FatChanceBellyDance's® Carolena Nericcio, creator of American Tribal Style® Belly Dance. She has taken two Tribal:Pura workshops and hosted one in Anchorage as well as a General Skills Training in Anchorage.  
Carrie is also a certified SEEDs (Self-Esteem, Education, Empowerment through Dance) Instructor.

Kate Brown
Kate fell in love with American Tribal Style® because it displays a balance of beauty and power. She felt at home with the grounded nature of the dance form. Kate has been a member of Gypsy Horizon Belly Dance since the beginning and found a connection with the other dancers that is unitque to ATS®. She has learned techniques from a variety of professional belly dancers and recieved her General Skills Certification from Carolena Nericcio in 2010.

​Marla Carter
Marla has been dancing with Gypsy Horizon since its beginnings in 2008. In 2009, she completed her General Skills Certification from Carolena Nericcio. Having experience with other styles of belly dance, Marla felt most moved by American Tribal Style®. She was instantly drawn to the interaction with the other dancers and the style of clothes and music. Coming from a non-dance background, Marla continues to enjoy the challenge of creating emotion and expression through improvisational dance with a group of women.

​Fauna Reynvaan
Fauna has always loved dance and has been involved in performance dance groups since high school and through college. She began belly dance in 2007 and danced with a few different instructors before discovering ATS® with Carrie Jenkins and she was hooked. She loves the spontaneity of tribal improvisation and the excitement of performing with Gypsy Horizon, especially to live music.

Terri McCoy


Terri has been with Gypsy Horizon since 2013, and is a certified ATS® Belly Dance instructor. Her first experience with belly dance was in Houston, TX over 30 years ago, when she and her mom took classes together for a lark. After years away she dabbled again with other styles of belly dance here in Anchorage, but then saw Gypsy Horizon perform ATS at a festival and was just mesmerized by everything from the beauty of the costumes to the dignified grace of the movements and the obvious enjoyment the dancers took in sharing the experience with each other. In 2010 she took her first class with Carrie and has been hooked ever since.​

​Natalia Nora


Natalia stumbled into the world of belly dance sometime around 2006 in Anchorage, Alaska, and started taking classes in ATS® from Carrie Jenkins shortly thereafter. After a hiatus from ATS® while out of the country, she resumed dancing in 2009. In 2015 she was invited to join Gypsy Horizon.


Natalia’s Capricorn side is drawn to the structure and detail of ATS®, and yet her hippie heritage finds joy in the improvisational and communal aspects of the dance form. Her inner child revels at the chance to “play dress-up” once again with the variety of costuming options. She loves the connection and communication between dancers and being able to share that energy with an audience.


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