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The workshop is limited to 25 participants.  There are no refunds. If for any reason you are unable to attend, you are responsible for selling your workhsop to another dancer. 

Wendy Allen Workshops


Date: SAT & SUN November 15 & 16, 2014

Time: 11:30-4:30p

Location: Open Space 630 E. 57th Place, Anchorage, AK 

Cost: $155

*There is no one-day option. Last year this workshop sold out. We encourage you to sign up early.

This workshop will count toward SSCE hours for Sister Studios of FCBD®.




FUNDAMENTALS Saturday 11:30-1:30p 

Solidify your skill in the basics of ATS®. Break down and drill: Taxeem, Hand Floreo, Arm Undulations, Bodywave, Torso Rotation, Circle Step, Egyptian, Arabic, Pivot Bump/Choo Choo, and Shimmy. Then, use them with simple formations for leading and following. Once you understand the basic steps and concepts, a whole new world of ATS will open up to you. 


THE FATCHANCE® FLAIR Saturday 2:30-4:30p

What separates FCBD® from other ATS troupes? Find out the subtleties and attention to detail that sets FCBD® apart. Take your dance to the next level! 



Learn formation options beyond duets / trios/ quartets for unusual spaces, cafes, etc. 


TRICKS TO SPINS & TURNS Sunday 2:30-4:30p

Strengthen your spotting with drills, and hone in on the finest details of slow & fast turns.


Last year we brought Wendy Allen to Alaska for the first time and she won our hearts and dancing souls. It was a sold out workshop!  We've invited her back this year to continue educating Alaska ATS® dancers and enthusiasts.  She's offering different topics and this time, two days worth of instruction.  


"Wendy is one of the biggest names not only in ATS®, but in Tribal Belly Dance. She's been able to harness strength, beauty, and absolute grace in her dance, and is a kind and knowledgeable teacher.  Wendy is a dance hero of mine, and I hope to be half as good as her someday." -Carrie 


"Wendy Allen has always had an urge to express herself artistically, but couldn’t find a way until she found her home in American Tribal Style® belly dance. She has been part of the FatChanceBellyDance® family for 13 years, has been a member of the professional troupe for 10 of those years, and a teacher for 11. She has had the pleasure of teaching both domestically and internationally.  She has a deep passion for and commitment to the integrity of the dance form, and loves to share that passion with her students"



Basic knowledge of Taxeem, Body Wave, Torso Twist, Circle Step, Egyptian, Arabic, Pivot Bump and Shimmy required. 



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